O português Bruno Borges é novamente publicado na antologia eslovena Stripburger. O volume 68 é o último número de 2016 e, como é habitual, conta com a colaboração de autores de vários continentes:

BANDAS DESENHADAS: Bruno Borges (Portugal), Erik Svetoft (Sweden), Izar Lunaček, (Suécia), René Rogge (Alemanha), Anna Ehrlemark (Suécia), Sorina Vazelina (Roménia), Till Lukat (Alemanha), Peter Kuper (EUA), Zoran Smiljanić (Eslovénia), Olaf Ladousse (Espanha), Jorge Quien (Chile/Argentina), Simon Mackie (Reino Unido), Kalle Landegren (Suécia), L. L. de Mars (França), Sanja Pocrnjić (Eslovénia).

ENTREVISTAS: Anna Ehrlemark (Suécia), Zoran Smiljanić (Eslovénia)

EDITORIAL: Till Lukat (Alemanha)

CRÍTICA: Domen Finžgar (Chester Brown: Mary wept over the feet of Jesus), Larisa Javernik (Luz: Catharsis)

CAPA: Anna Ehrlemark (Suécia)

Recorde-se que esta publicação comemora em 2017 os 25 anos de existência e foi galardoada com o prémio para melhor fanzine em 2001 no Festival Internacional de Banda desenhada de Angoulême.

Eis a sinopse deste número:

Right before the end of the year, a new selection of comics from here and there sees the light of day in a country surrounded by razor wire. This 68th issue of Stripburger again brings forth a various and diverse selection of independent comics from all over the world. 96 pages of the magazine carry a good dozen (and more) of domestic and foreign artists, including both familiar names and new pleasant discoveries.

Till Lukat, a young wandering comics artist deliberates on the occasional usefulness of thinking inside the box for comics creators in his editorial. A frame or a skeleton of comics narratives can also be made of different events, characters, fragments of everyday lives, motives and quotes from art history, literature, pop culture … surely this year’s last issue of Stripburger will convince you of this! As the Swedish comics artist Anna Ehrlemark says in her interview: “You can tap into reality and fish things out of there.” What follows is a sharpening of view until a detail stands out from the rest, stands on its feet and begins a new life in its new shape. On the other hand, Peter Kuper, a seasoned veteran of American comics, shows us in his latest comics story aptly titled Trumped that reality can sometimes surpass even the craziest work of fiction.

The second interview is dedicated to a domestic comics heavyweight champion and a long distance runner Zoran Smiljanić who confesses that Slovenia is the land of “artist’s comics”, inspite of “the domestic comics see the light of day as a result of enthusiasm, stubbornness, madness, obsession and a hefty dose of stupidity, both from artists and publishers.”

Of course, dear reader, there is no need to convince YOU to support such stupidity, or, shall we say, independent comics production that stands out of the box, right? Right!

May tomorrow’s comics be even better!

Stripburger 68
Novembro de 2016
96 páginas