Interview by Rui Ferreira

BOOM! Studios announced a new four-issue limited Sleepy Hollow series, arriving at shops on October 15. The writer is Marguerite Bennett (who was recently announced as the writer on Archaia’s BUTTERFLY series, and has also written Batman: Joker’s Daughter and other comics for DC) and the artist is Jorge Coelho (he drew Max Bemis’ critically acclaimed POLARITY last year). Jorge drew the image above, which is the first issue’s Retailer Incentive cover. The main cover is illustrated by Phil Noto. As you can see below.

More news will follow in mid-September, but for now, we have an exclusive interview with the artist Jorge Coelho about this new series and also a first sketch of the characters. Don’t miss it …

Rui Ferreira: You have recently worked with BOOM! in another series, Polarity from writer Max Bemis, and received an Honorable Mention for Graphic Novels & Comics in the indiefab awards for that series. The Writer for this new series, MARGUERITE BENNETT, basically said that you are the perfect artist for this series, in a recent interview about the project to CBR (Comic Book Resources). How does it feel to have your work so well recognized like this?

Jorge Coelho: I’m deeply humbled by the great feedback we had for Polarity. The creative team rolled like a charm and the comics community really took it fondly and treated us very well. All in all, a very rewarding project. I feel that, after a few years trying to break into comics, it couldn’t have started better. I guess the 13 in 2013 was lucky for me!

Regarding the project itself, as it is based on a TV series with the same name, what challenges await you in this new adventure? Do you think it will limit your creation process?
There’s a common notion that absolute creative freedom is liberating. Not necessarily. I feel the need to have at least some parameters. That being said, I take the responsibility seriously of adapting a TV series and at the same time try not to over-think it, in order for the work to breathe. Knowing myself, if I do, it could weigh in the art and not in a good way.

Regarding the reactions to this series announcement, a lot of people got really excited about it, do you feel an extra pressure because of that?
Yes, I do, but will try to relax. Personally, as a reader, I like when artists adapt the original movie – or like in this case, a TV series – to their particular style, not trying to drink too much from the fountain. It always feels a bit redundant so I will try to bring something different to the table. Respecting the original, of course.

Can you give your vision of what will be the most appealing factor of this comic for the fans?
The interpretation from the team, taking the original series and seeing creativity span from there. The TV series has a strong supernatural side clashing with the real world. That really appeals to me and I hope fans will also look forward to that.

Abbie and Ichabod
Jorge Coelho

Jorge was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1977. Since his childhood till now he never left the pencils and Inks.

Some of his recent achievements in the comics world include: Polarity from BOOM! Studios, #8 of Zero from Image Comics, #40 to #42 of Venom from Marvel, #6 and #7 of Loki, Agent of Asgard also from Marvel (September 2014) and Sleepy Hollow (October 2014).

You can see more of his work on Deviantart or follow him through facebook or twitter @JCoelhoPT.

Interview originally published at Universo BD, July 31st 2014.