The Flying Fish saga of the series Rob the Rover reached its end. Now it’s time to read in English the first strips written and drawn by Walter Booth, restored directly from the British Puck magazine, with a quality that’s rarely seen.

Origins first volume starts from the very beginning with the first strip, originally published in the British magazine Puck #825 (May 15th 1920). It’s already out and it’s available to be shipped worldwide. Besides Portugal, Fandaventuras Special  is already been read in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

You can buy the fanzines directly to José Pires:
gussy[dot]pires[at]sapo[dot]pt (replace “[dot]” by “.” and “[at]” by “@”).

Here are some previews of this masterwork (click to view full size images):

note: all the images were granted by the editor to be displayed in this site.


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