Em junho, aquando da 6.ª edição da ELCAF – East London Comics & Art Festival, O Panda Gordo editou o primeiro número de uma revista de banda desenhada, cuja periodicidade proposta é semestral.

O título, Seven Stories, tal como já tinha acontecido no zine There Are Only Seven Stories in the World, a primeira publicação de banda desenhada d’O Panda Gordo, evoca The Seven Basic Plots de Arthur Quiller-Couch.

Este primeiro número, impresso digitalmente a preto e branco, tem a capa desenhada pelo editor/autor João Sobral e conta com os trabalhos de André da Loba, Amanda Baeza, Paula Puiupo, Ed Cheverton, Joana Estrela, Nathaniel Walpole e Teresa Ferreiro.

Clique nas imagens para as visualizar em toda a sua extensão:

Eis o editorial:

I made my first comics publication four years ago. Having never made or published comics before, I was ignorant but curious. I decided to put out an anthology based on this concept I would hear every now and then: there are only seven stories in the world. This always intrigued me.
After looking it up, I found that the writer Arthur Quiller-Couch had suggested that every possible story was based on one of seven conflicts: Man vs. Man; Man vs. Nature; Man vs. Himself; Man vs. God; Man vs. Society; Man caught in the middle; Man and Woman.
My feelings about this were mixed. On one hand, I found myself attracted to the list as it implied all stories are about the human experience, which I agree. At the same time, however, it reduced that experience to a few simplistic catchphrases, which is something I consider unrealistic.
I think the idea of limiting all the possibilities of a story to a closed list of basic plots is unfair and unproductive. A story should not be its one sentence synopsis. It’s its nuances and our perception of them that make a story meaningful, significant, even life-changing.
This is particularly true when a story is told through comics. There is no right way to read a comic – the thread you follow to make its content meaningful is, unlike that of other mediums, more personal and open to interpretation.
Because there’s no right way to read a comic, the process of doing so is never straightforward. There will always be things we overlook and things we’re not supposed to see. Things that were put there and things that just happen to be there, waiting to be picked up and reshape the story that is being told.
Every time we delve into a new comic, we find ourselves lost in a maze we know nothing about and we have to, somehow, figure our way out of there. This multitude of possibility is what I find both intimidating and exciting about comics and is why I fell in love. I was curious four years ago, now I’m obsessed.
Looking back at the anthology I put out in 2013, I always felt my initial intention had not been fully accomplished. I was, and still am, somehow amazed by this odd idea of seven basic plots but I didn’t want to say that there are only seven stories in the world, I wanted to question and make fun of that concept. And I never let go of the feeling that I could have done more to make that clear.
That’s why I decided to come back to this idea with a more ambitious project – a magazine that will be published every six months or so. I hope the act of using the same seven basic plots over and over again will eventually exhaust them, and make the point that it’s ridiculous to put a bunch of stories together just because they share the same basic plot.
So here is the first batch of comics. I hope you enjoy them enough to stay tuned and keep supporting this project. I also encourage you to support the authors featured here as much as possible. I’m deeply thankful to them for having taken the first step of this journey with me.

Seven Stories #1
O Panda Gordo
Páginas: 48
Formato: 16,5 x 24 cm
Tiragem da 1: edição: 300 exemplares


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