Seven Stories 2

Seven Stories 2

O segundo número da revista semestral d’ O Panda Gordo Seven Stories foi publicado em março. Esta antologia apresenta uma proporção menor de autores portugueses que o número anterior, ou não fosse o propósito da publicação contribuir para a divulgação de bandas desenhadas contemporâneas ao compilar novos trabalhos de diversos artistas internacionais.

As 7 bandas desenhadas deste número são da autoria de Bruno Borges, Émilie Gleason, Giada Ganassin, Lasse Wandschneider, Marie Weber, Mike S Redmond & Faye Coral Johnson e Nick Norman. Quanto à capa, foi ilustrada por Elliot Snowman.

Clique nas imagens para as visualizar em toda a sua extensão:

Eis um excerto do editorial:

These new drawings I found online were usually composed of several drawings on the same page and they had text around them sometimes. It took me a while though to realise I was getting into comics because they didn’t look like any of the comics I knew and had no interest in. Actually, they didn’t look like anything I had ever seen before. I was amazed in a way that was difficult for me to fully understand but I just wanted to copy them. I wanted to look at my drawings and feel the same weird feeling I experienced when I looked at the ones I had found. They were kind of unattractive but also compelling in a mysterious way – they seemed to have some kind of life inside them.

Nowadays it’s easier for me to rationalise this seemingly magical fascination. And with this second issue of Seven Stories, I’m trying to make a point about it – I’m interested in the accidental nature of drawing. I believe the accidents and mistakes resulting from the act of drawing were the mysterious thing that was giving life to those new drawings. And the most fascinating thing about it was that they were not trying to cover up their accidents or correct their mistakes, they were embodying and pursuing them. The effect this had on me was the sensation that exciting whole new worlds were being created in front of my eyes. And in those worlds, new kinds of life were possible.

(…) This second issue of Seven Stories is exactly about that – I selected and invited artists whose work remind me of what got me into drawing and into comics in the first place. But during this process I was always guided by a somewhat abstract and speculative feeling and not by a strong or concrete conviction. This editorial, which was the very last thing produced for this publication, is my attempt to process, understand, and explain that feeling. And even if it doesn’t make any sense to you, I hope you can look at these Seven Stories and somehow get a sense that they belong together in these pages.

Seven Stories #2
O Panda Gordo
Páginas: 56
Formato: 16,5 x 24 cm
Impressão: digital
Tiragem da 1.ª edição: 300 exemplares

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